Here at NAH ZONE, we take pride in representing New Zealand music and culture. Putting on the best that this country has to offer and providing artists with a platform that would otherwise be nonexistent. The love of our local scene is the main reason we do what we do. However there are times, where out of sheer interest we choose to expand and cover international acts.
This is one of those cases.

We along with the rest of the world, have followed 15 year old, Danielle Bregoli, and her unique transformation. Watching her meteoric rise from YouTube-sensation to Hip-Hop star. So this was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

Now the artist known as Bhad Bhabie is on the cusp of her fist worldwide tour. Church Leon had the chance to speak with her to see how she was feeling about the tour and get a bit more insight as to who she really is, kicking off our new Out of Zone series.


How does it feel to be touring the world? At 15 that must a huge accomplishment!

Yeah! I’m super excited to come out [to NZ]. I never ever thought that I’d be doing anything like this. I thought maybe I’d do a few shows but never thought I’d be touring the world.

For sure, That’s dope. Do you know much about New Zealand?

Um no, but my two best friends are from Australia? I don’t if that’s like the same or… [awkward laughs]

On the tape (‘15’), you’ve got features with YG, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla $ign. These are big names as well. Who was your favourite to work with though?

Yachty. I think we kinda understand each other. We both dealt with the same kinda hate from.. You know older people in Hip-Hop and just regular people in Hip-Hop in general. And we’re both overcoming that now… Nah actually I think Yachty made it past that but he’s still like a mentor to be there.

Is there anyone else that you wanna work with in the future, maybe a dream collaboration?

I really wanna work with Cardi B.

Would you say Cardi is the #1 in the game right now?

Yeah I’d say so.

So she’s obviously someone you look up to, but who are some of your all time favourites?

My favourites of all time would have to be Wayne, Drake, Nicki… yeah Nicki still. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Flo-Rida, Plies, Trina [laughs] yeah people like that.

On that note you brought up Wayne, what’d you think of Carter 5?

I think it was… I think it was good. I think I expected something different so I don’t like it so much like I’m not crazy about it. I mean obviously- yeah it is what it is. It’s a personal thing [laughs].

So when you were making 15, how did you know what you wanted to rap about?

Well it’s mostly life type stuff. Just regular Hip-Hop I don’t know.

I saw in another Interview you said your favourite song [from ‘15’] was ‘Yung and Bhad’, has that changed?

Yeah that’s still my favourite for sure.

What made you wanna collab with City Girls?

I really fuck with City Girls.. heavy. Plus they’re from Florida and all that so I really wanted to work with them cause they just cool, I fuck with them.

Can you talk more about your love for Florida Hip-Hop.

Well Florida has to be one of my favourites for sure. We have Pump, Purpp, X, Ski Mask, Kodak. We have all of them, yes!

I think they really pushed that new wave, “Soundcloud rap” if you will. Would you agree that’s something that came from Florida?

I would definitely agree!

Was it something that directly influenced you?

Yeah, a lil bit. I mean I would say that it’s more like I grew up listening to them so I guess you could say that Florida played a big part in that. But I wouldn’t say I wanted to sound like any of them. The only female artist I really took inspiration from was probably Trina.

Finally, What’s one thing you want New Zealand to know about Bhad Bhabie?

Whenever I come out there we gon’ have a lotta fun so you better come out to my show! You gotta come see it. It’s gonna be crazy.

Yeah no doubt, I’ll definitely be there! How would describe the show in three words?

It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be hype. The rest you gotta come and see.


Bhad Bhabie is bringing 15 to Auckland’s The Studio on December 15th. Purchase tickets to Bhad Bhabie’s upcoming Auckland show here.

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