Age: 23                  Star Sign: Aries      Fav Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

Fav Animal: Giant Sea Turtle because they're so chill - stoners of the ocean.

Fav song from the EP: Runaway

Coming from little to nothing, N eo (formerly known as B.A) has been a hustler since he was a young gun, always looking for a way to create and make more with what he had when he wasn't fighting or getting into trouble. His parents heavily inspire his work ethic as they were always moving around to chase better opportunities and making their way up the so called "food chain". 

N eo made the change in stage name as a means to disconnect and let go from the world properly whilst separating his music career and daily life. As far as money goes, it's not a worry for him. The main hope is that someone would find solace in his craft the way music has always been a personal therapist for him. Two months ago he released Serotonin, the first song under N eo where confidence meets cockiness.

Like a true visionary does, he confidently speaks of building NZ as a scene and bringing the spotlight over here not just for his own music but for other hardworking talents such as Climate Change, Omni Potent, Kome and so forth. N eo proclaims with a straight face, "I want to see them all shine". 

His inspirations range from Jazz Cartier, Waka Flocka Flame, Frank Ocean to his ever so supportive family holding them on the highest pedestal in his life.

Speaking of who he'd want to work with in New Zealand, without much thought he mentions Humbleboy whilst also giving props to Hyan and Loud. Adding on to that, SxSW festival is mentioned as something he's working towards playing at and we've learnt quickly when N eo sets his sights on something, there's no stopping him til he attains it. 

You'll rarely find him doing nothing. So when music isn't on the cards, he's designing merchandise for his clothing label You're Welcome or slanging coffees and donuts at his cafe/art gallery, Olly

ig: n_eoakl



Age: 20               Star Sign: Capricorn     Fav Food: Potatoes

Fav animal: A bumble bee cause science says they shouldn't fly but they can so fuck science.

Fav song from the EP: New Love

Growing up in a unorthodox yet traditional Samoan household where his mum made sure he went to church, cleaning was a lifestyle more than a chore and leaving the house after 5pm wasn't a thing, Jinzo was a church drummer for 5 years - something that influences the way in which he arranges music and fuelled his picky taste in drums.

A lot of his musical background wasn't too focused on rap - he was more of the rock band dude which immediately outcasted him as a "too brown for the white, too white for the brown" kid. Although he was born and raised in South Auckland, his music doesn't really represent it with the exception of language and habits. 

Earlier this year Jinzo released his solo project, 7549, a recollection of memories and self discovery at the two addresses 75 Friedlanders Rd and 49 Eddowes St. Self-described as his first break up song and arguably one of the best songs released this year, No Feelings made a groundbreaking stance online with a hook that'll be stuck in your head for days. 

So who inspires him? His dad, Earl Sweatshirt (so he claims). Actually, anyone from Odd Future and the hopes of chopping it up with Anderson Paak is definitely a goal. On the other hand, his mum and older brother are major catalysts for the person he is today.

When asked who he'd want to work with in New Zealand, he straight out gave props to producers Troy Samuela, T1R, Yancey and of course Montell2099. Adding to that, he spoke of getting a Spyde remix in there. 

When he isn't making music, you'll catch him doing normal everyday things like working, playing video games or posting memes. 

ig: @jinzoofficial