Patrick - Tattoo Artist

Mans can't eat spicy food but he can draw some of the sickest tattoo designs you ever did see. One of the most soulful boys to do it. 

ig: kira.iink

Daniel - Photographer

Setting trends and doing it well, he has the steeziest style and is always camera ready. 100% has a thing for jalapeños.

ig: danielsua_

Kenyon - Media Manager

Contributes ideas to the group as frequent as he drinks tea but don't worry he doesn't spill it. 

ig: kenyonsenior

Ryan - Uber Driver

Self proclaimed uber driver of the group, he brings all the laughs and smiles. If the boys need someone to bounce ideas off, Ryan is there. 

ig: ryrypenaflor

Jay - Skater

The shy pretty boy who skates, you'll see him before you ever hear him.  Lowkey has clout amongst the social media scene. 

ig: coldwinter9am