Since the release of VSB Vol.1, Valleyside Boys have done nothing but grow with all members taking on heavy achievements under their belt, Redbull 64 Bars, Grace, The Benchwarmer Tape to name a few. It was only a matter of time before they recruited in newest member, Almac, who has been a longtime collaborator and the final missing piece to their puzzle. We got to catch up with the boys in the lead up to their VSB Vol.2 Release Party on Friday 29th June. 

We’re too stoked to join in on the Vol. 2 celebrations at your release party on June 29th, the team has been bumping the tape religiously in preparation. Tell us about where the name “Valleyside boys” came from.

Dharmarat: Scally started coming over to my house to record songs and we ended up making a couple together on random beats Scally had written too.  One day he came over with a beat from the bro Matty (Hor). I made a song called ‘Crickets’ which was Matty’s first somewhat placement on a project. Hor and Scally were mad familiar with each other I decided to have ‘em both over to do a track we named ‘Proceed’.  There’s a bar where Scally says ‘238 can suck my d***, Valleyside boy we raising hell’. Till hearing that I never realised we all lived on the east side of Pukekohe. So we decided to become a group under that name: “Valleyside Boys”.

Hor: 238 is the Pukekohe phone code haha, yo what Adam said. I suppose it’s a homage to where I grew up, in the Valley.   


The release party is in your home base Pukekohe too - we’re keen to get a slice of the south.  What role does this play in telling the VSB story?

Dharmarat: Valleyside isn’t really a hood or anything like that, the thing about Valleyside that helps us is how chill it is. The dairy’s right there, it’s the perfect place to walk your dog and the liquor shops like a 30 second walk from an old flat of mine. Beer is one of the main ingredients to doing what we do.

SCALLY:  Yo, I pretty much grew up in the “valley” after moving from Scotland at 9 years old. This place is home for me, chill as vibes all the time. I spend most of my time here in my room writing or cruising on my push bike for some inspiration. Chur.


Although NZ is a pretty small country, living even just a few miles away from the main hub can create a feeling of disconnection from the industry.  Did you/any of you face any difficulty in getting into the scene and building a presence?

Dharmarat: Not at all in my opinion, I think I have an advantage in that I am away from it all till I actually have to be. I work full-time, study online, have a girlfriend and a dog so it’s good to separate myself from my alias.

Hor: Ahhh not really, idk. Maybe, but I’m not aware of it.  We drive up for gigs and to support the homies so we are often still in the city. Like Adam said, it’s an advantage for me too, not caught up in the city life and am able to chill and make beats and not get distracted.


I suppose it’s important to have a space of your own for downtime, to detach and recharge from the hustle and bustle.

Scally: I love it aye, ‘cos people are like, “Woah there’s musicians that far south, I thought it was just rugby and potatoes”.  Plus it’s like a litle buzz/vibe when we do go to the city for a gig or whatever, something different I guess.


Almost a year since VSB’s first release, Vol. 2 welcomes heavy production from Almac as well as a Jinzo feature.  How has collaboration added to the growth of VSB and their sound?

Dharmarat: VSB formed out of collaboration, we wouldn’t be a thing at all without any sense of collaboration. Having Almac aboard was inevitable, there isn’t anyone else from Puke we feel that can do what he does. He’s regularly produced for Scally and I so I knew he would be perfect. As far as Jinzo goes, I hate him. He’s too good and I wanna kill myself when I hear his new music. Jokes, he’s one of my best mates, making music without him in the span of a few months would make me go nuts.

Hor: Getting Almac in with us is inspiring for me. He’s dope asf, he pushes me to be better. Just wait for them Almac x Hor collab beats. Little known fact that we collaborated with Jinzo on the first tape too, he took the photo for the cover, haha. He’s one of the few outside of VSB that I’d personally want on our VSB projects. The homie is crazy talented and a beautiful human.

Scally: Before Alma joined, I knew since day one that he should be in VSB. One night I was making music with rat and hor, then the next night I was having a kava session, freestyling and shit at the homie Alma’s house. So I thought “why not just ask Alma if he wants to join?” and look where we are now, big happy fam activities. For the homie Jinzo, this man is the most hype dude ever when making music.  He gets people on a vibe they didn’t even know was possible hahah. Plus he’s one of the craziest artists in NZ all round - beats, lyricism and live shows. GUILD X VSB.


From the music, to the collaboration, even to the tape’s artwork (from deadnakedparty), we gain a real sense of comradery from this project – what does ‘team’ mean to VSB/each of you?

Dharmarat: I love those boys, music aside. When we’re not working on anything specifically we still just chill, drink beers and laugh heaps. It’s sick, we’re not just a group of artists. Those dudes are family, I call them my dogs’ uncles. She loves them as much as I do, if not more.

Hor: VSB saved me. Fuck a team, we family s/o to Xena.

Scally: If Adam didn’t invite me over to make music a couple years back I don’t know where I would be. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. Love the homies for real.

Almac: Yo, since joining VSB I’ve learnt a lot from these guys in a short amount of time, like Matt said, they saved me. Before that I’d usually just make beats for my satisfaction and had none else to do. Adam was the push for me when we done a few collabs on his album (D5), the mans a genius. And for Matt, being a producer as well is dope. Hearing a Hor beat gives me mad ideas! Like what planet are you from haha. I thank Scally and the group for letting me be a part of this! It’s been a dope year so far for me.  Valley side valley siiiide.


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