Throughout time there has been a whole heap of music pairings that are unstoppable. Havoc and Prodigy, Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane to Andre 3000 and Big Boi - the list is endless. So you know damn well when the eclectic rap duo N eo and Jinzo stepped on the music scene here in New Zealand, they had heads turning everywhere especially with their newly released New Love EP. We at Nah Zone got the chance to talk to the rising stars to find out who they really are.

The boys stem from Auckland based music collective, Small Fortunes, or as Jinzo likes to call them the “rap avengers” of NZ. The pair linked up through fellow team-mate, Lukas, and the rest is history. Jinzo looks back on the memory of first meeting N eo like it was yesterday:

“I sent him this beat one day and I had never met him before. He came to my house, murdered it in one take, dropped off some clothes too and then left. I was thinking who the fuck is this guy?”

Utilising their musical chemistry from that point they continued to thrive with their collaborations and although the idea of making a project together had come up a few times, it was only set in stone when they had created a track earlier this year that they felt was too good to just drop by itself. Through that, the natural creative process started - songs were created that perfectly transcended the prior conversations that were shared between the two.

Singing, rapping and a tonne load of auto tune is the skin and bones of their versatile New Love EP. We can all relate in one way or another to the content; a relationship in its full cycle. Through both of them coming out of good and bad ones, the emotion was easy to harness and so - manifest into their music. N eo breaks down each track for us, “Celly is when you’re single and fucking around. New Love is sort of getting into it when you fall head over heels for someone. Down4Me is the honeymoon period. Rockstar is when shits coming to a close and you start wildin out again. The final track Runaway is the full depressed 2 weeks you have after a break up when you’re contemplating where you go to next.”

Take our word for it when we say the project is nothing short of greatness - a testament to the boys not only as artists but humans. It’s a real journey that’ll have you reflecting on memories shared with an ex, missing that ex and then being back on your bullshit. These two are definitely ones to look out for and you'll be able to catch some of their vibes at RnV this year. If you wanna get to know the boys a little more, have a little peep at their profiles

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