Since penning her debut song Natural Woman last year which eventually landed her under opening act for The Internet and Redbull Music’s best rappers under 25 list, Melbourne’s Kaiit is on the way to mastering a particular strand of neo-soul and high gloss RnB.

Born in Papua New Guinea, Kaiit was raised between her home country and the never ending Melbourne, the place that moulded and nurtured her artistry to be what it is today. The 20 year old singer/songwriter opens the doors to her private world through her 5-track debut Live From Her Room EP where she autopsies various relationships - with friends, lovers, outgrown versions of herself - and, having decided what went wrong, calmly takes down the perpetrators.

Nah Zone got to catch up with Kaiit before she reaches our shores for her first New Zealand Show at Ponsonby Social Club on 29th September where we talk representation, drawing inspiration from the past and her debut project, Live From Her Room.

Congrats on your debut EP. Could you give us a window into the themes that come through on the project?

Thank you! Live From Her Room is a lot of learning through the experiences of love, the layers to it and the process of overcoming them.

You unpack the concept of love in it’s different forms. What do you hope listeners gain from listening to the EP?

Feeling like they aren’t alone in situations and that they gain a new found confidence. Even though physically they may feel that people aren’t there for them, people are loved far and wide whether we know it or not. I hope that it helps them in any way to find that love within.

At what point did music become more than just a hobby?

Since I was 8, I’ve always written shitty songs. Singing, performing, being in school productions - I used to do all of that. All the types of things where I could express my creativity. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-teens where I was actually going through real things and writing exactly how I felt  about it instead of making tracks about how I thought love feels.

The talent pool of artists these days is so healthy. Who is currently inspiring your creative practice right now?

Even though music came out 20 years ago, it could be brand new to me. I tend to look back on the people that inspire people in our days so I’m always going back to Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill and then there’s SZA.

I love SZA!

Ooh I love SZA so much. Along with Amy and Lauryn, I listen to their music when I’m looking for inspiration. It will bring it right back and align me more against my past instead of having me feel a type of way in the moment.

Right now we’re in a social climate where representation of People of Colour is more important than ever. Does that affect the creative decisions you make with your work?

My mind will always be in there. It’s not feeling like I need to put this person and that person in here to show that [diversity]. Straight off the bat, that’s what I want. I want representation for what I always wanted to see growing up - I didn’t see anyone that reflected me as a young person of colour.

You have quite a platform and there is no doubt it’s only going to grow. What is the most important thing to you about having your platform?

Again I think it is that representation. I don't feel like I dress super duper normal. Growing up, I always wanted to go supre and wear what other girls were wearing because that's all I saw.

So what changed that?

Once I began to meet people from all walks of life, going into the city a lot and seeing how people were, it gave me freedom to express myself. I realised life was beyond high school because when you’re in that position, you feel like that is the whole world.

One thing I noticed while scrolling through your Instagram is that the colour red seems to pop up a lot.

(Laughs) I don't know why I gravitate to the colour red, it's such a beautiful colour. People have asked me that before it's real strange. I should look into that more.

You should! There might be a significant meaning behind it.

I don't know, maybe it's like a hungry colour. Maybe that's why I like it, that seems pretty accurate.

We heard about soul queen Jill Scott calling you the lost love child of her and Erykah Badu.

GAG! Ahh, it was so unexpected. I was just on my phone and every time I refreshed it, I would get another 100 followers. Once I found out why I was poppin’ with followers, I was in a recovery position in the middle of my room freaking out.

I would have done the same.

Everyone in my house was asleep at the time. I think I woke up a couple of my homies.

Where do you plan to head to next in the future?

I would love to travel. I love to travel for the fact that I'm doing it for music. I think that it's absolutely crazy, the fact that I’m coming to New Zealand as a part of my tour because people there listen to my music... it’s really wild.

I speak for many others when I say, I am so excited to witness some Kaiit magic live.

Whenever people from New Zealand message me, they always hype me up especially all the sisters! These girls are always telling me we’re going to turn up or we’re going to get up to this and that so I can’t wait for real.

That just shows how real your music is and how deep people resonate with it.

My music is a reflection of me so it's really cool that people vibe with it because it shows we’re similar, in one way or another.

Kaiit’s Live From Her Bedroom EP is out now on all streaming platforms.

Nah Zone