Savage season has begun. The ever versatile KVKA is back at it again, but this time, with a modern twist. Contrary to his last project “Outlierz” which paid homage to the old school style of hip-hop, “Wavy McGrady” showcases a more modern approach taken by KVKA with a dash of flavour only KVKA can provide.

Production from fellow Wellington producers DENZ1, Heist Beats, Gazzv Beat$ as well as himself - KVKA, ensures that the perfect backdrop is set for you to turn up to.

The mixtape starts in true wavey fashion with L.L.T, a track sharing similarities with the new wave of hip hop featuring distorted vocals and a heavy trap beat provided by DENZ1. Followed by O.F.B/Old Fat Bastard, with a feature from Diaz Grimm who brought along KVKA for his “All together” NZ tour.

My Guap is a song that is hard to forget and is summed up perfectly with “where my guap, guap, guap, guap” with a delivery reminicate of Famous Dex with a tonne of energy, which makes us really wonder where our guap is? Feddy Skit Ft Lil Jimmy, a track which starts with a phone call with KVKA and Lil Jimmy AKA the epitome of what is wrong with modern rap, KVKA then goes on to poke fun at the modern day stereotypes of rappers.

Runnin’ Up is a track self produced by KVKA and has been in the works since he dropped the teaser for it on his youtube channel almost a year ago, the revised version features a autotuned KVKA that adds an extra melodic flair to the track. Enemies features a fellow member of Stay Savage: Rhys Rich, the two combine to create a track that really encourages you not to ever be an enemy of these two.

Off the lot is the perfect song to chill to, a mixture of KVKA’s airy vocals and DENZ1’s wavey beat makes us wanna vibe out already. Boss ft Name UL brings us back to when these two first collabed on “Hydrate”, the chemistry within both artists is apparent at all times and leaves us waiting patiently for more.

Drip offers a pop/rnb kinda feel with KVKA’s auto tuned vocals and a catchy chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of your week. The final track, Grey Street, paints a picture of KVKA’s teen years at Hillcrest High and his spot “Grey Street” situated in Hamilton East. The mixtape ends with KVKA shouting out all those who have supported him and his team; STAY SAVAGE.

This mixtape doesn’t disappoint and definitely isn't the last of KVKA. KVKA continues to break the mould and push NZ music on an international level so don’t be silly, get to listening.

Nah Zone