The heavy hitter of the underground, Hxrman, is back at it again with another album.

After his success with projects such as 'NugCityPhonk' and 'shootmeinthefknhead', Still Blazed encompasses all of Hxrman’s talent as an artist; from gritty phonk to airy melodic trap, Hxman does it all. 

With help from talented local and overseas producers, Hxrman offers up one of his finest projects to date and one that will surely not be forgotten. Some stand-out tracks were Aintlikeme, Sippinaflame (ft. Kil.6) and Awakino - you can't help but want to flex when you listen. 

This is the perfect start to kick off your weekend so however you’re feeling, kick back or mosh out to LilBBHxrman.

Available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud



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