‘Aye, is there another one g?’

‘Yo I think so bro!’

‘Yeah. Chuck it on bro, press play.’

The follow up from Dharmarat’s first project of the year, Grace, has arrived in the form of 2GRACEFUL. Dharmarat treats us to the expansion pack in such a short time, which is typical of the rapper who produces tonnes of content year in, year out.

The album showcases Dharmarat’s flair for production with a few familiar faces on the instrumentals including; Darko, Hxrman, Almac, Baccyard and Masaru.

2GRACEFUL starts off with a bang. Darko delivers a beat reminiscent of Bodak Yellow but with his very own twist on it. Dharma goes on to use this to his advantage to get his point across. All I need is bank, but all I see is snakes.

Nothin is a lot more than that. The weirdly-oriental beat provided by Hxrman encapsulates Dharmarat’s point in the song - many artists are not being individuals and that this is annoying him to the point where he has to let us know. And oh does he let us know.

A brooding guitar sample opens for this song; Lager. Some would consider the chopped and screwed guitar sample to be Dharma’s bread and butter when it comes to his beat selection. Almac provides this perfectly to create another quality Dharmarat tune.

In true V$B style, Dharmarat and Scally combine on Evaw to give us in insight into their lives as rappers from the valley. Beat superstar, Baccyard, supplies the two with a dope beat that expresses an almost gangster like feel to it, which goes on to further boost the feel of the song.

The first we hear of Dharmarat’s production comes in the form of HellNah. With a sample reminiscent of the 80’s, Dharmarat vents about how some people want to take advantage of his talents. Will he ever let that happen? Hell Nah.  

In the song 101112, we're able to hear about the struggle of an artist and how despite the adversities, Dharma will keep pushing and pushing for success. We are behind him the whole way.

Scally makes another appearance in the song Phil - both artists tell their own struggles about life and society. The mysterious yet funky beat makes for an interesting soundscape, which will surely leave you with this song on repeat.

Continuing the trend of dissing those who oppose, Talk comes in with another Scally feature produced by Masaru. More bars with experimental vocals offers ear candy to the max - we ain't never dissin’ V$B.  

Following that, Cloak sees Dharmarat combines his usual well put together vintage samples with a trap-like drum sound. The song is as straightforward as the title of the song - he never hides away from anything, he doesn't need a cloak.

Lemme Know is one of the more ‘soft’ tracks, offering us a pop feel with a subtle somber touch. Dharmarat and Scally provide the bars painting an emotional story with Dharma laying a clean auto-tuned hook.

Zonin’ puts us in our zone. The slow and subtle instrumental gives Dharmarat the space to fully showcase his lyrical ability and it has us getting goosebumps galore. A track so smooth you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

The final track Bronco2 is exactly like the rest of the album. Amazing. The typical lo-fi samples and vibey drums combines so nicely with Dharma’s signature flow and vocals. The way in which Dharmarat expresses his feelings and personal experiences through the album is practically flawless.

Having the title of being the next big rapper in New Zealand is usually a curse more than a blessing but Dharmarat wears it lightly, like a favourite hoodie.

Check out 2GRACEFUL on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple. It'll have you seeing 'oush g yo!' - plain and simple. 

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