The ever so talented Dharmarat is starting off the year right by gifting everyone an 18-track album, Grace. If you haven’t heard of him yet you just might recognise him from his insane round in last season’s Red Bull 64 bars series.

Production from Almac, Hor, Fleur, Jinzo as well as himself - Dharmarat sees to it that the flawless backdrop is set for you to lean back and listen to. Adding to that, some insane features are included in the album from Jinzo, Scally and Vautier.

Grace goes into the mind of Dharmarat leaving it up to the listener for their own interpretation through his signature flow layered over moody mid-tempo beats. The first 9 tracks see him calling out industry fakes, mainstream radio stations, trust fund kid rappers as well as talking his own shit with the bars to back it up.

The rhymes on Truth Bombs, D-rat Beat Interlude, Who? and Fwrat come fast and furious - building a bridge to the past with his own modern twists on it.

About U perfectly starts off the second half of Grace, as we get to hear Dharma in a comfortable state rapping about and through his contradictions. Throughout the last 9 tracks of Grace, the rapper’s lyrical style comes through clearly and as a listener you feel as though an intimate conversation is being shared.

Let Me Thru is a favourite as we get to see a softer side to him (like we did on Buggy in D5) expressing his love in the most simplest tones over soft piano chords. Don't let that fool you though, this album really isn't for the soft hearted especially when you listen to tracks like Spill or Voids. 

Dharmarat has already taken hip-hop to outer galaxies of style, sound and resonance with every project he has released like D5 and Times - Grace continues that trend. One of the most gifted rappers upcoming in our generation, Dharmarat stomps into the old school and continues to blaze a trail forward.

Trust us when we say it’s Dharmarat’s best work to date - have a listen or cop Grace on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. You won’t regret it.

Nah Zone