Celia Inside's TKO EP is here

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We've had our eyes on this girl for a while now and have been waiting for her EP to drop, you'll probably want to start getting to know her cause she's gonna be your new favourite.

After emerging from the Soundcloud ether in 2015 with a Drake cover or two, NYC artist Celia Inside has been steadily gaining followers moved by the rare combination of her strength & versatility of voice with insightful, vulnerable storytelling.

Her signature sound lives somewhere between her roots of sultry, soulful r&b and the inventive, melodic hip-hop of today. Hooks, raps, songwriting -- it's all tied together with style & precision. Think Lauryn Hill meets SZA meets Jhene -- vibes, vibes, vibes. 

TKO EP is really that one for all the girls who go through the sticky, awkward buzz of being with someone unofficially but still kinda official? You know what I'm talking about.

The TKO EP starts off light enough, blending classic boom-bap beats with modern flows and melodies. Relationships, almost-relationships, and that "damn, how did we manage to screw EVERYthing up" realisation are the dilemmas at hand on the first half of the project.

Things take a darker, more emotionally volatile turn on the second half, which features back & forth rap verses from Celia and featured Columbus artist Trey B ("Static") over a relationship that's been over.

Her single, "TKO", closes out the project and stands as perhaps the most intimate song here; while "Static" lashes out, "TKO" turns inward.

Stream it on Spotify and Soundcloud - show the girl some love. 

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