No introductions are needed when it comes to Auckland's powerhouse, Villette. She sings, produces, writes, raps and has the stage presence many artists would kill to have. The versatility she possesses is clearly shown in her debut mixtape that ws released earlier on this month, Drip Crimson. 

Drip Crimson tells the story of a girl going experiencing the 'end days' of an unhealthy relationship with production by Troy Samuela, KEV and the artist herself - Villette. The mixtape begins with Perfect Women/Intro, an excerpt by Christopher Walken from the classic film, Stepford Wives. It continues straight into Fuck Your Ego/Skit where Villette smugly raps about herself and calls out the fragile masculinity culture. 

Missed Call is the epitome of a modern R&B track where she sings her heart on her sleeve, something our generation try to shy away from. Villette sums it up best with the line "I know it's out of fashion to be this in love but it's okay". If U Go, continues the narrative from the first two tracks where you become fed up with the relationship to the point of no longer caring if they stay or go - you'll be fine.

Bag of Bones is one of the most captivating tracks on the tape. Villette truly strips herself back with the track kicking off with an acapella composition followed by a powerful trap beat, produced by Villette herself. Stronger and Used 2 Be follow the underlying theme in Bag of Bones where we get to see three different sides of her vulnerability. 

If U Go Pt.2 ticks off all the boxes for a perfect ending. Over beautifully haunting piano chords, Villette asks all questions that stay lingering in the back of your mind but are afraid to ask. 

Villette definitely set a blueprint for females in the alternative RnB scene with this tape. If this is only the start we can't wait to hear more from the artist. She's breaking moulds and she's doing it oh so well. 

If you're a little late to the listening party, get to it. Just a heads up though, if you're emotional as fuck you might want to keep some tissues nearby. It's available on all streaming platforms - Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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