Spyde - Producer

Age doesn't mean anything when it comes to the youngest in the Kome clan. When he's not studying for his NCEA exams, Spyde is cooking up heavy trap beats that'll have your mcm wishing he could do atleast half of what he does.

ig: prod.spyde

soundcloud: spydeee




Humbleboy - Rapper

Don't let the name fool you, he's known for being too blunt on and off the mic you can guarantee if Humble is on a track, it's an automatic hit - no doubt about it. His natural flows are what a lot of rappers would kill to have. The epitome of Str8 Kome Hard.

ig: kamahumble

soundcloud: kamahumble

Azryd - Singer/Producer

The only singer in the group, he's been compared to the likes of Roy Woods and Frank Ocean. If his voice alone hasn't done enough to steal your girl, the effortless switch ups from jazz chords to trap drums he cooks up definitely will.

ig: azryd

soundcloud: azryd


Fracx - Producer

Working IT by day, making music by night - you could say he's the modern day superman with an eclectic sound for the people. The number 1 go to when the boys need their tracks mixed and mastered. 

ig: fracxnz

soundcloud: fracx

J$E - Rapper/Producer

One of the most unique vocals from a rapper we've heard in a long time and we're here for it. The young wild and reckless rapper's attitude reflects the bars he drops - absolute fire.

ig: komejayce

soundcloud: jsejsejse

J Coba - Producer

"I'm one of the producers in the group who have less than a 100 followers." A humble as quote from the funny afakasi. Have a listen to some of his mixes - they go hard.

ig: j__coba

soundcloud: j-coba