“Most likely to go into outer space”


Let’s talk about your year in shows. How many shows did you guys play this year?

We played a lot of shows this year. Started off the year with the Tommy II Auckland/Wellington Tour, Nah Zone showcase, VSB release party, Raroboys launch party and recently went back to Humble’s home city, Christchurch, to put on our first ever show down there.

Moving onto releases now, tell us about that.

We had many individual singles we released this year like so i suppose, holy smoke, HOW U FEEL, Deadnakedparty, LEGO!, 4ME4U and so on but in terms of a full body of work, it would have to be Jalapeños Amigos. But we took that down.

It can be quite risky to take down a project down after releasing especially when it’s been received positively by listeners. Why did you take it down?

We actually took it down because we felt like it was too rushed. Humble’s laptop was broken and it had everything on there. So when we released it, all the songs were unmixed. It was an impulse decision.

So there’s no possibility of a future re-release?

Probably not.

Going back to your year in shows, what show stood out for you guys the most?

Definitely the Nah Zone showcase. Everybody in our team as well as the underground community was there. We had people flying from Christchurch and Wellington to Auckland for it.

You guys have a very playful, almost cheeky approach to music. Who inspires you?

Our friends and Iesu.

Spyde, you’re one of the key producers in the group. Where does your inspiration to constantly be creating beats come from?

I dig through Soundcloud and just look for underground people. I see what they’re doing and what inspiration I can take from that to get my own creative flow going. 

A lot of people don’t know your group is based between Christchurch and Auckland. Is that going to change any time soon?

Yup. Next year Auckland is going to be the home base for us. We have J$E moving up next month so it’ll be cool to see how that goes.

2019 is not too far away. What’s the next direction for KOME?

More projects. Both individual and group. We just want to get more projects out.