kome kome kome 

your new favourite collective

When you think of a music collective it’s groups like Odd Future, BrockHampton and A$AP Mob that automatically come to mind. You better add Kome to that list and get familiar with the upcoming multidisciplinary collective hailing from Auckland and Christchurch.

Kome boys have taken their individual talents and created a wave across online platforms with their ever so talented producers, rappers, vocalists, tattooists, photographers and skaters.

A much needed roll call of the current members include Fracx, Coba, J$E, Humble Boy, Azryd, Kenyon, Ryan, Jay, Daniel, Patrick and Spyde. We at Nah Zone kicked it with them for a day to find out what they’re all about.

Azryd recalls in between laughs shared with the rest of the boys how the name of the group came about.

“It’s our uncle’s name. He’s just that cool uncle you know, always first to eat and a crack up guy. We really didn't think about it, we used Kome and it just stuck”.


Azryd, Spyde, Humbleboy collaborated on a song in 2015 titled Chloe, paying homage to Chloe Moretz. They chucked the psychedelic, anime-orientated visuals for the song up online not knowing at the time it would be the first of many to come.

Photo Credit: AKB

From Shane Cameron to Frank Ocean, the boys have various people who inspire them. Rapper, Humbleboy, touches on how life inspires him the most. "Fuck doing the same shit everyday, that's boring," while Fracx expresses gratitude to family and friends for keeping him lifted.

What charmed us the most about them (besides their good looks and steezy style) is how chill and natural they are about what they do/create. We were countlessly reminded that at the end of the day they're just a bunch of friends having fun who happen to share the common love for music.

Like most boys, the group met through the majestic world of online gaming (Call of Duty: Black ops to be exact) and are as self sufficient as they come these days.

Photo Credit: AKB

Sending tracks to each other online, catching flights from Christchurch to Auckland for a weekend, using Azryd’s garage to record, smoking up and playing Tekken whilst Patrick gives out tattoos is all a part of a normal stage in their creative process. 

Earlier this year, whilst working on their own solo projects they managed to release their multi-genre Kome EP. Quickly followed by the drop of visuals to their hit, ‘Whip’. With their debut in Wellington on Oct 23, they’ve also been preparing lead rappers, J$E and Humbleboy. - all the while juggling school, work, family and everything else that life throws at them.

Kome are one of NZ's best upcoming collectives and if you're still sleeping, wake up from the slumber because it's only up from here for them. J$E sums it up best, "We're gonna be popping off in a few years, I swear on my life - our whole team are way too fire and we only keep getting better".