We wanted to be as open as we can so Keep It Real was formed for everyone to share their real life experiences with no filter at all in a safe space without harming anyone else whilst doing so. We've had many people send through their stories (we are so honoured and grateful they even felt they could trust us with some heavy stories to share) and they have all been in one way or another - heartbreaking. 

Barely know where to begin with this and forgive us if we babble on way too much or not enough but this week with Keep It Real we wanted to switch it up big time. Instead of the usual story we share, we wanted to open up the platform for anyone and everyone to share whatever they may be feeling whether you're happy, sad, pissed off or feeling a little crazy - there's no right or wrong.

If you're wondering why we did this instead of the usual thing we do, we did it for you - the young brilliant creatives who although feel the love of the world in every way, sometimes do not get the love of the world that they need. There's an obvious link with artistry and mental illness (we'll write about that another time because we can go on forever about this) but we hope in leaving this here, that it'll start/continue to form an environment where it's ok to ask for help, where it's ok to feel but most importantly where you feel you are being heard. 

We've turned on the comment section for anyone and everyone to vent and yes we totally understand the scary idea of leaving yourself vulnerable so we left an 'anonymous' option if you still want to vent something.

All love,


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