“Most likely to go viral”


Let’s unpack the year and the challenges it’s brought along with it. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced this year?

My work ethic. Having a 9 to 5 job and also finding time to be inspired at the end of each day has been hard. I have definitely had trouble focussing.

The scene has had an outpouring of releases this year. Tell us what some of your favourite ones are.

I have heaps. Far too many to name and I don’t know how long you guys want these answers to be *laughs*. As of late though, I have lowkey been addicted to fivestar, highlace and fable. They’re all bringing something new and original to the table.

Those names definitely ring a bell but back to you. It’s common knowledge that you released a lot of music this year so what one stood out for you?

That 75 EP by Dera Meelan.

Would you say your music comments on the social climate you’re currently in?

Big time. It’s really something I only tend to speak about through the music. Even though you might not be able to tell sometimes through my lyrics, I reckon it all relates back.

Many shows you’ve been involved in this year have been nothing but successful. What was your favourite show to play?

I reckon the VSB release party in Pukekohe was mean. Playing in Christchurch was crazy too.

Both of those shows were packed out and wild.

Those two shows or SWIDT’s Most Electrifying Auckland show would have to be my favourite. I can’t forget the Raroboys launch party too.

Last year you tapped into ‘No Feelings’ and ‘New Love’ Jinzo. This year you slightly shifted into ‘Dirt’ and the ‘75’ Jinzo. What is next for Jinzo in 2019?

I’m not sure. I didn’t think I would make it this far in the year.

Really? That’s crazy.

Yeah like the year is almost over. I guess I just got to stay grinding as cliche as it sounds. I have a lot of stuff ready to go but I’m not sure when to put it out. Who knows, I might take a holiday next year hopefully.