The first members I met from Kome were Spyde and Azryd. We met at Jinzo's 20th birthday, they were there with BabeSpyde and I clicked I guess because we're both from Manurewa and I kept butchering Azyrd's name that night. That would've been the only time I saw them until 2018 when we met up to take photos which failed cause I didn't have the camera on me at the time.

That was when I met Humble (who I was legit a fan of) and Spyde's brother, Daniel. We cruised around while they were playing stuff from Spyde and Humble's latest project, Jalapenos Amigos. I fucked with it heavy and gave it props. Later on that night, I decided to take them to Jinzo's house.

We arrived in Otara, parked up and started shouting out to Jinzo. He came out surprised and started yelling, so was I. As soon as that happened, some random Tongan Crip with his group tried to step the boys and I out. I mistaken him for someone else and got confused. He ended up leaving and after that we went to kick it in Jinzo's shed.

I saw them at the Nah Zone pre-party and took photos of them. Not long after that I would constantly be over at Spyde's house, drinking tea and of course having some jalapeños. The Nah Zone show came along and I met the rest of Kome - J$E and FracxJ$E and I both knew each other on the gram but as soon as we met it was all love. The show ended but that didn't stop our ties, I was still over at theirs making cover art and we all went to the VSB gig together.

Just recently, FRIENDS + ENEMIES threw a show with KOME on the line up. Word had gotten around that Jinzo had opted out of the line up because he wasn't getting paid. Kome were on at around 10.30 but before they performed the laptop had crashed, the crowd was confused and people were stressing for a good 20 minutes before it was fixed. Finally, they fixed it and the boys proceeded to jump on stage to perform only for their set to be cut short.

At the end of their performance, they gave a shout out to Jinzo while expressing their annoyance with the show and hopped off the stage to everyones surprise. A day later (as in yesterday), I drunk called Humble to ask him about something but he didn't answer his phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Meet the best group in Auckland - KOME! 

Nah Zone