In early 2016, Auckland City Limits had Kendrick Lamar performing and I was supposed to meet up with my mate Lincoln (AKA Jinzo) and his missus at the time but the crowd was so big that I was pretty much alone that night. Getting litty after waiting how many years for Kendrick to come out that night, one dude in particular was yelling some crack up Kendrick related jokes that made people in the crowd laugh before K-Dot came out. That same dude was the person I ended up waiting with after the festival.

To be honest, I guess we both saw each other getting lit to Kendrick and saluted each other heaps during the performance. Afterwards we waited for our rides and during our lazy convos we just clicked with our music taste and shit, so we linked on Facebook.

I come to find out this dude was only year 11 at the time and could rap better than a lot of ppl my age so I gave him props. He kept dropping music with his boy AP, whose style I also liked. I thought these two had potential to bring something original in a scene full of people who sound like more of that than this.

We both tried to link for like 2 years before this photoshoot and fuck it's good to finally snap these boys, CHURCH & AP.  Two talented young artists to look out for in Auckland.

Check out their debut project, Thorough Bread, on all streaming platforms. Peep that artwork, by yours truly. 

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