“Most likely to write a best-selling novel”


Let’s start by recapping your year. How many projects did you drop in 2018?

Oh fuck. Let’s see, where did it start… February there was Grace, then 2graceful, VSB Vol. 2 and Jesus. Four, yeah so four projects.

How are you able to write so much and do so much? Is it because you can produce?

Yeah I guess. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. When I was little I just wanted to make songs all day and I did. But they were all in my head. Like I still know a couple of them hooks, I wanna use them one day. But yeah I can produce my own stuff and can mix my own stuff so it’s easy. I just don’t force it.

What was your path to production? Was it something you always wanted to do or was it out of necessity? Like I have to make my beats because no one else will do it for me.

Yeah it started out that way. It was like “I need beats but no one’s gonna send me beats ‘cause I haven’t even made a song”. So I started everything myself to reach the point where I am now. I’m not just a rapper. I’m one of those rapper/producers I’d say. No one wanted to send me beats. I started making my own and they were garbage. But it was good enough for me to get a vibe across.

You’ve definitely found your ‘vibe’. What’s it feel like now to have people latch on to that?

If you like you’re undoubtedly going to like it. If you don’t like it, then you probably have shit ears [laughs]. If people gravitate towards [the music] it’s really up to them. If they do they do, if they don’t they don’t. It’s cool, I’m still doing what I like to do.

When listening to your music, there is always an element of honesty that shines through. Do you think that truth is a necessary part of your music?

Yes and no. All my songs are “true” I’d say. I’m not lying in any of my songs. Fuck no. But when it’s hard to write a song about something i’ve been through or something I want - then you know my imagination is going somewhere else.

Speaking of things you want, what did you want this year that came true?

I just wanted my boys to be known! I wanted them to get on the same vibe that I’m on. This year I felt was not really about myself.

True. I can clearly see that this year was about putting on VSB.

That’s the thing, the only “actual” tape I dropped this year was Grace. That was the only “actual” tape I released. ‘2graceful’, the name sort of says: “Grace is too full” That’s what ‘2graceful’ really means.

That is pretty mind blowing.

Then Jesus was just a troll, the name is just a troll. That was just full of songs that didn’t make the album coming out next year. I already knew from the start that this wouldn’t fit the vibe of the album, but I was like fuck I wanna go through with it. Make a phat song. So I wasn’t really focusing on myself.

What do you want next year?

I want it all in a way. Next year I just want it to be undeniable. I feel like this year people can still be like “oh yeah whatever” but next year I want motherfuckers to know eh.

Is there anything else you wanna leave us with? A final quote?

Ready or not. (Can you just end the interview like that).