“Most dependable”


Describe your year in a few short words.

I’d say spontaneous, unpredictable and generally fun. Been probably the best year of my life. Safe to say.

When did you realise that something was happening with your music?

I think it’s when we dropped ‘Crash’. Just kinda seeing the response to that. Then just just getting messages from people saying that they genuinely were interested in my music. Like a fan of my music. That’s when I thought “Okay there’s something here”.

Can you explain the dynamic shift of going from the person who used to DM everyone your beats. To being the person that receives those types of messages now?

I’ve slowly gotten to a point where it feels natural. It feels good. I’m accustomed to it. In terms of people asking for beats, I like [my sound] being a ‘Dera Meelan exclusive’.

Would it be correct in saying that you’re keeping everyone ‘in-house’?

Yeah yeah yeah. When you listen to my music you can imagine like all of ‘GUILD’, Church & AP, VSB, KOME on the music. Because we all feel like one close-knit family. In terms of that, I’d like to maintain that exclusivity. As opposed to the start which was asking anyone to work.

How did you find your sound?

Just trial and error. Making as many beats everyday as I could. Finding what I lean towards more and what I didn’t really care for. I always knew my niche, but never the extent of it. So this year was the start of that process. Actually making more beats and being like “this is my sound”. It was a lot of patience.

Within your circle and a lot of the local scene, your house is seen as this hub for creativity. Was that by design?

Yeah that was my full intention. ‘cause half the walls used to be blue from when I was like 12. So I was gonna repaint the walls and do the carpet anyway. So I thought why not turn this into a mini studio and creation space. Just a fun space where you go to feel free.

I think you’ve worked as a glue for a lot of the scene. Can you elaborate on your position in the scene?

I think as a producer, that’s just a part of the job. You’re behind the scenes making sure that everyone is on the same page. It’s more than just providing a beat. I’m mixing it, I’m mastering it. Making sure that if it’s a body of work it sounds cohesive. That’s all been a massive learning curve. So that’s why I don’t just send a beat and leave it at that.

With one project down and a handful of classic singles, what’s next for you?

I’d say my goal isn’t really to reach out to new artists or anything. I’d rather want a bigger reach for the artists I work with now. I feel like the artists I’ve met this year is the circle I wanna keep. Now it’s about expanding past any limitations and seeing what we can do. Probably new projects.

So you’d prefer to get your whole team onto a new platform instead of being put on a platform by yourself?

Yeah I’d rather the team, because at the end of the day it will feel better reaching the top with the boys. So my goal is to make it to the top with boys.

Anything you’re looking forward to in 2019?

Dandelion… for sure. I’m excited about that.

Is there anything else you want the people of Nah Zone to hear?

‘Ready Or Not’.