“Most likely to take over the world”


 What are some memorable moments that have defined your 2018?

Church: Meeting BROCKHAMPTON for sure. That was pretty wild. Also for me 64 Bars was a huge goal.

AP: Getting to meet Brockhampton is definitely up there, having the number 1 most shazamed song in the country and also playing a show outside of AKL was fun (WLG).

Emerging in NZ's ever-developing music industry as young hip-hop artists has it pros and cons - what experiences have you taken away from the NZ music scene this year?

C: Everyone around you is super supportive and the veterans of the game have a lot of wisdom to offer. Also because the scene is so tight knit it really doesn’t take long to become a prominent fixture in New Zealand. Now while we aren’t household status just yet, it’s safe to say we’ve covered a lot of ground in our first year.

AP: Having played so many shows this year it really shaped us to become good performers and get used to the flow of things working in this industry. It’s about playing your cards right I guess and learning when to say no.

How has it been transitioning straight out of school, to what has shown to be the beginnings of a promising career? It’s a unique situation for young people who are perhaps struggling with career decisions following high school.

C: I still want to do normal stuff like get a degree and have a career outside of music. So I was working simultaneously to get into university. It’s very tempting to go full time music though.

AP: It’s been chill like look at me...I’m doing okay...I think. Nah you hear it all the time but just straight up stick to what you love, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Did you study music in high school?  If so, was this beneficial to you?

C: Yes, but it sucked. I did nothing but watch cooking videos and listen to the Joe Rogan Experience.

AP: I took it in year 9 and it was real fun. Rest In Peace Mr Sua (music teacher). Honestly I didn’t gain much but I learned how to count bars.

Reflecting on “Ready or Not” and the positive response it received - was this a calculated or unforeseen success?

AP: I’d say a mix of both, but more unforeseen, mainly due to the fact that we originally were going to sit on the track.  We did end up with it being a careful release.

C: It was planned to a certain degree. You can a song out into the world but there’s no guarantee that people will gravitate towards it. Even if it’s on radio. But right now it almost feels ubiquitous, it’s crazy. I’ve heard random people blast the song while driving past my house. They even play it at clubs. These are just spaces that were more unforeseen.

AP: Yeah, it turned to work out better than I thought.

Next year we’ll be sure to see you guys take it to the next level - how are you aiming to develop yourselves in 2019?

C: Just working on our sound with the people around us. There’s a lot on the way.

AP: Make sure the musics standard. Keep it standard & neva fold CA.