Serval Fandango Turns Heads With His Eye Candy Flair

It’s quite hard to stand out in a vibrant country like ours, but Serval Fandango does it with ease. He's made himself known to the NZ art scene last year with his debut solo exhibition selling out in one night hosted by Olly, featured in Dynasty Collective’s ‘Dinner’s Ready’ exhibition with co-signs by Vice, and has overseen work for The Auckland War Memorial Museum. 2018 has seen Fandango expand with his own website and merchandise, as well as his recent contribution to the launch of the 312 hub with exhibition ‘Brothers Lord’ alongside fellow local artists Naik and Fasi.

To say he’s busy is an understatement, but we managed to catch up with the young artist to get to know a little more about him.


Serval Fandango… it’s easy off the tongue, what’s the story behind your artist name?

Well, Serval is my real name and Fandango is my flair - my courtship of my work to you. Comparison to the Spanish dance, the Fandango, which is a fast and lively dance between two people.

Enlighten us, at what point did you realise doing art was more than just a hobby?

When someone said “Hey you can make money off your work.”

Run us through your work process. Do you draw daily or only when you feel the need to?

Sometimes, I draw everyday for a week and then other times I’ll draw 3 days in 3 weeks. I produce so much work within those time frames that the outcome shown to the public would be 20-30 designs out of 100. I guess that goes with anyone in a craft though.

Has the way you’ve produced your art always been ingrained like that in your mind?

It’s always been fabricated through flashes of ideas I get from the most diverse places which trigger my ideas.

Your dad was a sculptor and your brother has a gift in music - that is quite a family of talents. How did the support of your family help you get to where you are now?

They gave me the confidence, the skill set and the open-minded consciousness of myself and my outlook. They’ve helped me find my identity as well as my friends and past muses.

All creatives have some music that get them in their zone. What are some of the tracks you listen to?

I dip into every genre in all eras. From R&B and Hip-Hop to Heavy Metal and Country… damn even soundtracks or ambience tracks.

You have a few achievements under your belt. What’s the highlight of your career so far?

People never being able to correctly say my name.

We have a big pool of talent in our country. In saying that, who inspires you in our local scene?

Well… there is a big list. I wouldn’t be able to get enough names listed without hurting those I may have forgotten. But I can name drop my parents, my brother Spycc (SWIDT) and my sisters.

What can we expect from Serval Fandango in 2018?

Can’t say for sure but the fact stands, I’ll keep bringing you that eye candy flair and killing the art game. I’m not quitting, i’m not stopping and I’m gonna keep coming.

You can keep up to date with me on instagram, facebook, gmail or bigcartel under Serval Fandango.


Make sure to check out Serval’s latest works in the ‘Brothers Lord’ exhibition that will be running until the 10th May at the 312 Hub or cop his new merchandise on the Serval Fandango official website.

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