When you think of a Track Meet, you think of young American athletes running and jumping. These boys give the term a whole other meaning. Wellington based boy band, Track Meet, just like athletes come with a hunger and energy that’s refreshing as ever.

The team made up of Beats by Boon, Yung Loveable, H N GM N, Willz, Aimbot and 44 Calibre Killer only just came together within the last year releasing their self titled TRACKMEET EP, bonding over their shared affinity for all facets of Hip-hop and Music.

In their TRACKMEET EP, we get the eclectic blend of MCs all trying their hand at traversing the bouncing and winding soundscapes provided by the production duo, Boon.

Preconceived ideas of Hip-Hop in our local scene be damned, the combined personalities of Track Meet bring a fresh approach and good dose of experimentation to the genre.

Pull up to the Wellington show this weekend and watch the boys run circles as they make their debut!

Nah Zone