Pastel Embassy, consisting of musicians WHYHAZ, FABER (aka WHOISFABER), DEAD (aka POSH) and visual artist SAMMYSLOWMO are a collective reigning from Wellington.

Having international shows under their belt, performing with underground legend CHXPO, bringing J $TASH over for a show, clubbing with creative GAB3 and linking with a lot of top-tier NZ artists, this collective is one on the rise.

Taking the slow and steady approach to the game, where most try to escalate their popularity as fast as they can, Pastel is aiming to engrave their impact for generations past their own. 

A sneaky bird let us know Faber will be performing his latest hit song, Balmains and Bouquets, so if that doesn't get you hype already I don't know what will. Pull up to the Wellington leg of the show and watch the boys go off! 

Nah Zone