For the past few years, LMC has been at the top of his game. Formerly based in Nelson, he has since moved to Auckland to further his musical endeavours and has gone on to set up one of NZ’s most recognized collectives with fellow producer Wayvee - Slo:Wave.

LMC is considered by many as one of NZ’s founding fathers of the new wave of music production with an endless list of credentials to his name, most noticeably with rapper, Rich the Kid. It doesn’t stop there though as he’s collaborated with a variety of international producers, Madbliss being one of the most prominent. Despite his international connections, he continuously works with a variety of NZ’s top underground artists including Raka, FKA Lunar and Tommy II.

It would be foolish not to mention that LMC alongside American producer, Madbliss, had the opportunity to premiere Bankroll on Noisey. The track went on to gain almost 150,000 streams on soundcloud and is considered a treasured gem by many in the NZ music underground scene.

LMC has a flair for creating a mixture between organic and digital instruments. You’ll often hear a drum solo coupled with soaring 808’s or a vocal sample paired with a vibrant hi-hat pattern - something he does way too well. What stands out about LMC is his ability to cater to any and every artist he is working with - Supernova being a prime example. So don’t miss out on watching NZ production royalty in action on the Auckland/Wellington tour. LMC is the shit!

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