The Christchurch native rap star is making sure the rest of New Zealand doesn’t sleep on the South Island scene with support from one of the dopest teams in the game, Kome.

For someone so young, J$E has an immense amount of talent and a clear style of direction. J$E is able to use his voice to flow lyrically as well as create catchy melodies that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Win is a perfect example of this.

Alongside his compatriot Humbleboy, J$E brings a fresh approach to trap with producers Spyde and Fracx providing the perfect backdrop for them to lay out sweet verses and a hook your mama will be singing around the house for a few weeks. There are many examples of the chemistry between the two but Whip definitely stands out earning them over 19,000 plays. 

J$E and Tommy II have collaboratively released a few fire jaunts on Soundcloud. Go OffNo Time and Sip are all regular tunes on our playlists and we are only praying the pair will continue the trend.

J$E is yet to release a solo project as he is relatively new to the scene but trust that we will be waiting patiently for that day to come. Don’t miss out on the new wave runner J$E or you’ll wish that you had hopped in the whip to the show!

Nah Zone