Image Credit: Max Burgess

Almost since its inception, Hxrman has been one of our country’s biggest O.G's within the modern underground rap community. Blending heavy phonk with happy trap, the Taranaki local has a mass cult of followers from NZ and abroad.

Hxrman began his musical career as “Oosh Nugs”, later changing his name to Hxrman. He's heavily known for the vast amounts of content he makes as well as his live performances. Hxrman likes to switch his styles between dark and ominous to happy and almost comical - we love it.

Sucker is the purest example of his ability to create an ominous sound with a dark and brooding bassline, topping it off with his punchy double tracked vocals. On the other side of the spectrum, IONWANNA (almost 100K plays on Youtube) showcases Hxrman’s skills in creating a song that compiles aspects of phonk with a cartoon like beat underneath his vocals.

One thing that is always apparent in Hxrman’s music is his lyrical content and flows. He constantly delves into his own personal life experiences, creating a captivating sensation for all listeners. Hxrman frequently collaborates with artists under his very own collective, NNB (Never Not Blazed), which include K4M3, Rich James, Bunde, Shxshi and Kil.6. To say we’re excited for what the boys have planned next is an understatement.

Hxrman has released content over the years through Soundcloud - Shootmeinthefknhead E.P and Nug City Phonk 1 & 2, being the most notable of his projects. His presence on Youtube is insane with NNB and TrillPhonk harbouring majority of his visuals. Don’t you dare miss out on the Auckland/Wellington tour. We can guarantee you won’t ever forget the night you saw Hxrman in the flesh, you’ll be telling your grandkids all about it.

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