Much like his partner in fire J$E, Humbleboy is driving the southern scene forward with swagger and flair that only he possesses.

Humble is known for his addictive lyrics and skill in creating music that will make you feel like you’re the toughest man in the room. Hard-kick driven beats provided by Spyde ensures that the stage is set for Humble to bless your ears.

Humble often bounces along the beats to create unforgettable melodies and flows with adlibs adding to the overall effect. We speak for many others when we say his natural flows are what most would kill for these days. 

His latest release, wish me well, features production from a fellow South Islander, Fujin. The track possesses the true Humble sound with a twist that Fujin provides. Hottboy, produced by Spyde and Babe, is a classic humble hit - the lyrics, flow and beat intertwine perfectly.

Alongside J$E, Humbleboy is a member of the NZ supergroup Kome including Azryd, Fracx, Coba, Spyde and many more creative artists. 808 No Heartbreak and the self titled KOME EP have been some of our favourites since they were released. 

Although Humbleboy is a young buck, he’s already managed to attain a sound that is both recognisable and unique so don’t be confused if he can’t stay humble.

We can’t wait to see the young front runner in action ripping up the set in both Auckland and Wellington. Whether you turn up to the show or not, prepare to be extremely humbled!

Nah Zone